My name is gustav. But my balinese name is Ketut Gatra. So why my name is Gustav too?. Becauses is easier for tourists to call me. I am from east Bali near by the old village Tenganan. My religion is Hindu . I was born at the 4. april 1971. And I went to shcool for 15 years.My family work in the ricefields as farmers. But since 1991 I bring tourists around Bali and Lombok to show them the natural and the culture of Bali. My car is comfortable for max. 6 person with air condition. I have a tourist licence and a isurance. Dont worry in Bali about hotels, villas, guest houses and homestays. The price is from 10 to 1000 US$ and I can help you to find the right one My guest is my king, a honest is my polish. If you by more tours, you will get a discount.
Please contact me under:
Ketut Gatra
Jl. Antasura, Gg. IV A No. 9
Phone: (0062)0361-7451762
Handphone: (0062)081-2395 6648